Privacy Policy

«The Original Book Bag» collects Customer personal data for the purpose of implementing contracts. In this case the personal data protection rules are complied with. Without the Customer’s consent «The Original Book Bag» collects, processes and uses statistical data and useable data of the customer only when that is necessary to facilitate contractual relations and to make the provision of remote services possible.

Without the Customer’s consent, «The Original Book Bag» shall not use Customer date for advertising, market research or polling purposes.

The Customer can always remove his/her personal data stored on the site by clicking the “My data” button on his/her profile, and changing or deleting that data. Customers are advised to consult the «The Original Book Bag» website in order to obtain information about Customer consent issues and the collection of personal data, processing and use thereof. By clicking the “Personal data security” button such information can be accessed and printed by the Customer.