About Us

To make the long story short,

Two friends and a dog
Stella, Marilena, Mitsakos

Three completely different professional backgrounds.
Stella is photographer.
Marilena is economist.
Mitsakos is happiness creator.
All are passionate about their professions, Mitsakos a little bit more
All successful in their professions, Mitsakos a little bit more.
Both literature enthusiasts, Mitsakos excellent listener.
We all joined forces.
The Original Book Bag was born.
Immediately it became a trend.

The first bags:
High quality cotton
Lots of vibrant colors
Beautiful embroidery
Hard work and lots of joy

Steps forward:
More textiles: Wool, silk, linen, raw linen, corduroy, velvet
More sizes and shapes: Tote bags, necessaires, phone bags, food bags, beach bags, shopping
bags, backpacks, evening bags, tailor made bags
More hard work and lots of joy