How to buy

  • You can choose any product from the “The Original Bookbag” collection and select it by clicking on the “Add to Cart” button. Then you can choose to continue shopping or to process the order.
  • To process the order you can do so by pressing the “Update Cart” bottom, then the ‘Calculate Shipping” bottom, then the “Proceed to Checkout” and finally by selecting a payment method.
  • In all events, you can change or check the data / information entered before placing the order.
  • The order can be sent or dispatched only where you press the “I΄ve read and accept the terms and conditions” bottom.
  • Finalize the process by pushing the bottom “Place order” and by proceeding to payment.
  • After the completion of the processan you will receive an email confirming your order.


In the event that the Company delivers to a customer a product different from the ordered   one or that has been delivered damaged, the customer will notify by mail and photo the Company of that event and the latter will have to deliver to the customer the ordered product, without extra cost for the customer.

In rare occasions, delivery of an order may be delayed or postponed. In such event the Company will notify the customer accordingly and inform him/her of revised delivery timescales.


If at the time you place the order the product selected is not available, you will be notified about this ….. by …. If the product cannot be delivered because it is permanently out of stock, «The Original Book Bag» will not accept the order.

If the specific product in the Customer’s order is only temporarily out of stock, «The Original Book Bag» will immediately notify the Customer by email

Where delivery of the product is delayed by more than 4 weeks,you can withdraw your order and any payments the Customer may have made will be reversed.

Delivery time

From 3 to 6 working days